Tyreek Hill trade for Kupp

Standard (no PPR) league with four keepers, so 5th round is our 1st round of the draft. I’ve had Tyreek for a while, but am big on Cooper Kupp. What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill and a 16th for Cooper Kupp and a 5th (aka first round of our draft)?

Who are your other 3 keepers? Not that it matters, I wouldn’t trade Hill for Kupp+pick.

Tyreek, on the field for 16, is far more valuable than Kupp and a fringe top 50 guy that you’d get. Let’s say Kupp and Golladay or Kupp and Michel. Meh.

Give me the top 5 WR over the guy coming off the ACL injury with two other mouths to feed at WR and another guy who might be a tossup whether to start each week. Hill is better in standard compared to PPR too, and with the best fantasy QB.

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My other guys are:
Michael Thomas
Keenan Allen

I am missing my 7th round pick. This trade would give me the first pick of the 5th round, and then I’d have my picks in the 5th and 6th.

My reasoning was that the FFballers are big on Kupp, so that lands me him, Josh Jacobs/Montgomery with that pick, and there’s a ton of RB/WRs I like with those other 5th and 6th round picks of mine.

All good points on your part, thanks for the feedback! Maybe I’ll keep him.

I partially am skeptical about Hill’s ability not to reoffend. He’s lucky to not be in jail, and lucky not to be suspended. With them drafting Mecole Hardman and Andy Reid’s ability to make stars out of WRs, I’m also wondering if they’ll be reluctant to resign Hill to the gigantic deal that Hill will insist upon.