Tyreek Hill Trade Value Question

I was offered a trade where in I would…

WR Josh Gordon
RB David Montgomery

WR Tyreek Hill

That seems like a bit much for a player that will be out for at least 4 more weeks, but maybe that’s just me. My WR1 right now is Godwin so I could definitely use a true WR1 and I think the move would ultimately better my starting lineup later down the line. Gordon and Montgomery are competing right now for my flex spot, and I would more than likely play Devin Singletary or Emmanuel Sanders there until Tyreek’s return if I were to go through with the trade.

Bit much for a guy who just got hurt badly and won’t help for at least 4-6. You’re one injury away from NEEDING to play Gordon or Montgomery.

Pretty much what I was thinking. If the owner would take J. Gordon and E. Sanders for him, would you do that?