Tyreek Hill/zeke for mike evans/Sony/Aaron jones?

Who wins this trade ?

It’s a wash in my eyes. Maybe a slight advantage to whoever is receiving the Hill side, but Sony has shown he’s capable of Zeke production, and Hill is potentially out for the next week or two (and has a late season bye week on top of it). Jones is showing great potential - honestly I may want the Evans side. But it’s too tough I’d stay away.

I was also offered Antonio brown/Aaron jones/Kerryon for Thielen/Zeke what do you think about that one

I don’t like analyzing these types of trades. Trades aren’t meant to be won or lost.

Brown and Thielen is a wash. Just depends on if you think he’s going to keep this record setting pace. If you don’t, Brown > Thielen (we’re also past Brown’s Bye week)

I’d rather have Zeke than Aaron Jones and Kerryon - I always try to package two decent players for the better player.

With that being said, it also depends on your RB depth. I’m not comfortable with Jones or Kerryon being my RB 1, but if you have another solid RB 1 behind Zeke and then it drops off from there, I’d consider it.