Tyreek Hill

I have the 1.01, 1.08 and 1.11 in this year’s draft.
Should I use my 1.11 for Tyreek?

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Forgot to mention, it’s a 0.5 PPR dynasty league and I have Godwin, Adams and Golladay

It depends on how many and what type of starters you have to start each week in your league. I say that because if you have one or more of those four receivers on the bench each week it’s not doing you any good. If he’s the best value there by far I would grab him and try and trade him. Good luck in your draft, sounds like your team is going to be stacked this year!

Yeah I know. It’s 2 WR 2RB 1 FLEX.
Another dude is asking for a late first for Tyreek so I was thinking about getting him in the squad, having a known WR 1 instead of a late first rookie who won’t produce for a while.
Stacked is an understatement…
CMC, Mixon, first pick of CEH and hopefully grab an elite rookie WR at 8.
Or maybe hope for Tua to be there at 1.11

That team will be unstoppable hahaha, how many players can you keep in that league and is it a superflex/2QB league?

It’s a standard 1QB league, but keep all players forever dynasty. So good

Oh yeah I would definitely trade for him for the 1.11, that’s a steal hahaha. He’s a beast and he’s only 26 years old. I think 11 you might be able to get Jefferson, Reagor, Higgins, or Mims which would be good, but they are unproven and he’s already an elite receiver for a top 3 offense in his prime with a young elite QB hahaha. As long as his off-field issues don’t pop up again he’s a lock.

Dude. Having read this whole thing you absolutely make that trade. Even if you cannot play them, you are not playing against them. That could be a win differential right there. Plus the 1.01 & 1.08…you do not need the 1.11.

Your team is ridiculous. Is this a 1 person league :wink: jk

You have a juggernaut and I’d add every stud you can to secure it. As mentioned, if nothing else it is immense trade power. Do that before they realize what they gave you!

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