Tyreek Hills Value

What’s tyreek hills trade value in the midst of This Investigation?

About tree fiddy. All jokes aside, I’d reckon a 1st round rookie pick (2020 preferred) + solid WR seems like a good starting point


Guys were lowballing for tyreek Bc of the investigation. He’s still a top 5 WR in dynasty so I’m not gonna just give him away but it’s hard to gauge the value on him with it being this early in the offseason

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I’ve seen his highest be around Brandin Cooks and his lowest around Jarvis/Corey Davis. But it basically just depends on the owners. I’m sure it’s possible you’d be able to get more than Cooks.

This has firmly pushed him outside of top 5 dynasty WRs. Clearly gets jumped by JuJu, Mike Evans. I have him below Julio, Amari, etc. out to fringe WR1 possible high WR2


What are people’s inclination with Tyreek? I’ve been shopping him around in dynasty and getting zeroe takers for anything close to what I would consider trading for.

What’s the percentage chance he rides this storm and comes through unscathed? Or should I cut my losses and get rid before the inevitable deathknoll?

Anyone got an inkling on how this one will play out?

You have to hold Hill until there is a trade window.

That window would come either at start of 2019 season when he’s on the field week 1 which means his value returns to an appropriate level considering talent and opportunity. Or when his suspension is reported. If he get’s 6 games the result is he’s still a Chief and his value will rebound.


I’m just going to hold onto him. I’m not giving away a top 5 WR for nuts & berries. I was getting laughable offers.