Tyreek Panic!

Tyreek Hill is under investigation for battery. Suspension incoming??? https://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article227983684.html

Not wonderful news but it’s too early to see what the deal is here. This isn’t his first time though and if it’s bad/true it could be a heavy punishment… just a monitor at this stage though

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Don’t overreact too much yet but start to develop a game plan/backup plan if you have him. Also when considering your strategy moving forward, it’s safe to assume the worst but also don’t sell or move on too cheap without some more proper knowledge. His history suggests this doesn’t end well for him.


You can panic on this one. Given the previous incident and the swift action after the vid for Hunt, KC kind of have no way out on Hill. The PR is going to be way worse on this one because of Hill previous actions to his pregnant gf a few years back. NFL will move in and handle this one if KC isn’t going to. Just no out of this for KC/Hill. You can wait on it all you want… but this is who Hill is. This is what NFL teams get when character isn’t an issue.


As a question of curiosity could someone explain why there are so many incidents involving NFL players or their friends/family i issues like this or worse? I’m a UK fan, and we just don’t have these issues with our main sports at anywhere near the regularity or severity - what is the root cause?

If we did generally it’s lifetime bans and prison time to go with lifetime public shame as well, there have been a few in the past but it seems like it happens too often in the NFL and the punishments for those found guilty aren’t anywhere near harsh enough - aside from drug bans but surely this type of offence is worse?

Not looking to cause offence or stir the pot or anything it’s a legit question to see what people think - is it just an issue with the league and the systems in place? Or more than that

First post, but as a fellow fan from the UK I think it’s simply not as publicised when or if it happens, And There’s no salary cap or unguaranteed contracts etc. I think, and it is just an opinion that the nfl with its cap and the fact that it’s the only top tier of its sport whereas UK (England) has Spain and previously Italy and Germany as equals in soccer leagues that players being banished if it ever happened wouldn’t necessarily mean an end of earning potential like in the US sports.

rough upbringing . hard lives before football. Hard to shake for some guys.

another thing to realize is these players are kids still. 25 year old millionaire who feels they are gods.

I was that dude back in December that said Hunt will never play another down in the NFL. I got plenty of backlash for my “bold” prediction and it went south in a hurry. As for Hill I think the NFL and the Chiefs will push whatever punishment is coming his way. Its obvious that the NFL has levels of abuse that are more extreme than others and treat each case seperately. If you have Hill in a dynasty league good luck but don’t make any moves until we find out the punishment. If you do make a move now I wouldn’t blame you but don’t sell yourself short. Hill will be back on the field, healthy and ready to go most likely in week 10. Just my prediction