Tyreek+Thompson for Goff+Julio Pick a side

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6 pt pass tds
1/2 ppr
1/4 first downs
2 pt bonus for 100+ yard games
1 pt bonus for 150+ yard games
2 pt bonus for 200+ yard games

Yardage bonuses must be in a single catagory i.e. rushing yards or receiving yards, NOT all purpose yards.

Those yardage bonuses obviously don’t apply to QB right? And am I right in assuming that if JJ goes for 200+ yards, he gets +5 total points? As in it’s cumulative?

Either way, give me the Reek + Thompson side unless they really starving for a QB and are starting someone really crappy with no streamers available.

Thanks. Im offering the tyreek side, and 5 points total is correct. Here are our rosters for reference:

My Roster:
M gordon, CMC, K.Johnson, Breida, Thompson, Michel, R. freeman
Tyreek, Tate, Baldwin

His Roster:

Holy moses. Dope RBs man. Congrats. Your RB corps looks very similar to mine across all my teams. I went Zero RB so kerron/Michel/Aaron Jones is on 100% of my teams. GOod to see they are panning out.

You definitely do need the WR help cause your’re lacking beyond Hill and all your WRs are super boom/bust.

Why not target OBJ? I think it’s a pretty good buy low opportunity on him. And your opponent frankly has the worst RB corps I’ve ever seen. McCoy at this point is not startable and in my opinion, not even rosterable in 10 man leagues or less. Miller is also pretty awful (total miss by me on that in offseason) and can’t be started due to how bad the oline is and he’s not talented enough to over come. And Hines is a desperation PPR play.

I think you should try and package 2 RBs together and see if you can snag OBJ off his hands. Maybe take like Kerryon + Thompson or Michel + Thompson. Probably doesn’t get the job done cause it’s a low offer but it should get the convo started and he is desperate. I’d guess he’s 0-4 or close to it with that roster of his.

maybe you work up to Kerryon/Michel + Thompson + Baldwin/Tate for OBJ + Hines or OBJ + Woods or something like that.

Well Tate been really solid for me because of the volume in ppr hes a top 10 wr right now, with that said i am not opposed to trading him away. I forgot to mention that i also have aaron jones in this league lol.

Ive got more rb2’s than i know what to do with right now. Im a little worried about OBJ because eli has been really bad this year and im not sure OBJ is going to pick it up. I actually view him below Tyreek and Tate right now, but i dont think this guy is willing to wait around for baldwin to show up. fwiw his record is 1-3 and mine is 2-2. however i have the highest points scored in the league so im not too worried about my roster, I just goofed playing russel wilson early this season and he cost me 2 match ups.

I may try and target OBJ he might be more open to that. The guy who has mike evans seems open to trading with me for golden tate+Chris thompson, but im facing him this week so it would be a bad move to take on a bye week wr to do it.

Thanks for the advice man

This is why he is the perfect sell high candidate. He started the year with 2 games of like 15 targets. That’s not happening going forward. I’m going to say it now, Kenny G is the best WR on that team. He’s the future and i love the way they use him. Also, tate has a total of 4 red zone looks all year for 0 catches. In order for him to blow up , you’re relying on him to get those catch and breakaway for 40-50 yard TDs like he’s done so far. As good as he is at doing that, i don’t like to rely on that for production. His value right now, is the highest it will likely be so if you can get a return and buy low on a top end guy, I think it’s worth. Sure it’s risky but its worth it.

Dope. If you have Jones, I think you can afford to trade Kerryon/Michel. Jones hasn’t really broken out yet but he will. Not to mention you have 2 absolute studs in CMC and Gordon already anyway.

Let me buck this trend for you right now. People are all acting like OBJ has been a no show. He has 2x 100 yard games in 4 appearances vs solid Ds. One of those was vs the top passing D and best corner in the game in Jax. The only difference between OBJ now and OBJ before is TDs. Don’t try and chase TDs for WRs in fantasy. Follow the volume and proven production. He looks just as good as I’ve ever seen him and the TDs will come. OBJ has never had issues in the red zone. As for Eli, Eli has always sucked. He’s been garbage for the last 5 years but OBJ is the one who carried him and not the other way around. OBJ is good enough to over come and honestly, that giants Oline just needs to get more reps together. The entire offense does. THe team may not get better but OBJ will. He still hasn’t taken a slant to the house yet and we both know it’s coming. Buy low on a stud. I’m buying him everywhere. If someone gave me an offer of OBJ for my hill or tate, i’d jump on it like fat kids on twix.

Continue playing russell. If you look at WIlson, the team this year isn’t worse than last year. The Oline is actually probably a little bit better. The issue is he’s missed baldwin. And 2, the opposing teams he’s played against have good defenses but terrible offenses. I.e. Dak and cowboys and Trubisky and bears. So the games have all been close so wilson hasn’t had to go out and sling it 40-50 times. The only time he did was vs Denver and he did totally fine. BUt for the upcoming slate of matchups, he’s going up against suspect pass D but more importantly, offenses that will put up a lot of points. As a result, he is going to forced to throw the ball. And we all know wilson is a fantasy goldmine when he throws a lot and he is more than capable of putting up week winning performances. I’m personally fine with starting Wilson over pretty much every QB outside of Mahomes/Cam/Rodgers/Brees going forward for the next 5-6 weeks.

Thanks for the info man, i actually cut wilson to grab dalton because i was on a 2 game losing streak with wilson, and i needed someone to help me salvage the early part of the season. So i would have to drop one of my rbs to pick him back up. Trading one of my wrs for another wr would still leave me with pretty rough depth at wr. this is why i was trying to package trade for goff and julio, because hes got rodgers as his other qb and relatively good wr depth i thought thsi was probably a good way for me to pick up a 4th wr of consequence and gain a weekly starting qb in goff.