Tyreke the freak

So if the rumors are true and the suspension isn’t as long as expected, just for games, are you willing to spend the draft pick on him right now he is going 4.06?

Its tempting. League winning talent. But a history of bonehead moves and just one more bonehead move away from never playing ball again. I guess it would depend on who’s available.

The problem is if he tries to fight it or not. There are rumors he might and it could end up like Zeke’s case from a couple seasons ago where you don’t know when he will actually end up sitting out.

I love drafting suspended guys on the cheap. Just piece it together for those four weeks and stay afloat and then you have a 1st round talent for the stretch run. Maybe draft an extra WR early and wait a little longer on QB or something to compensate. TYREEK HILL in the 4th??? You take that 100 times out of 100.


I’m in a standard (no PPR) league with three WR and WR/TE/RB flex where we have four keepers.

My best options are:
Tyreek the Freak
Keenan Allen
Michael Thomas
Mike Williams
Leonard Fournette
Phillip Lindsay

Who would you guys keep?

Personally not drafting tyreek at that price. Not about the 4 weeks, it’s more so about the fact that you can’t fix stupid. Repeat domestic violence offenders have high likelihood of repeat. Next time, no guarantee he doesn’t get caught on video or just go to prison.

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If I had to choose 4 players from the list provided it would by Tyreek, Thomas, Fournette and Lindsay. Tyreek and Thomas being the steal of the show

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