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Tyrod, Jordy and Mixon for Bell - 14man PPR


Just went 4-3 because Palmer was injured. My backup QB is Tribisky.

Was offered Tyrod, Jordy and Mixon for Bell. I’d probably have to drop a bench player as well.

I have:
Starting: (no flex)

D. Henry
R. Kelley


I wouldn’t.

Bell is a game winner. Neither Jordy nor Mixon are anything at the moment.


Heck no. For all intents and purposes, Bell should be untradable. Unless you just have a crap team with one good piece, never sell a top fantasy player for depth like this. If for some reason you want to sell Bell, you need another good RB in return. Like Bell for Ingram/Landry or something. Idk just kind of spit balling but something along those lines. I still wouldn’t trade Bell, but if you do this trade isn’t for you.


Do not do this trade. You should be getting top tier for Bell. Or at least 2 second tiers


Gotta big time pass on this one. Tyrod might be the guy with the least amount of question marks surrounding him with rodgers hurt in Green Bay- need WAY more to even consider Hyde, let alone Bell.


Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile:


Someone else offered:

Melvin Gordon
Devante Adams
Josh McCown



Still no, and again that’s not particularly close. McCown is a throw away piece, and Adams is nothing without Rodgers. Gordon will regress back to the mean a bit. He’s still a good RB1, but he’s not 30 points/game good. If someone offered me Gordon/Dez, I still wouldn’t do that. The only way I give up Bell is if my team is kind of thin and Bell is my only piece. Even then, I still have to get alot back for Bell.


Thanks for the advice. Sometimes you need a second opinion to make sure you’re doing the right thing. :slight_smile: