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Tyrod or d carr?


need a big win this week to make the playoffs. thanks in advance


Dang that’s tough. I am not high on either at this point. The Patz D has been playing solid of late. But, even though they are at home, I would say Carr not having Cooper and Crabtree this week would scare me even more. Plus, the NYG D has not been playing all that bad of late. Buffalo being at home with slightly better weapons would cause me to lean toward Tyrod I think.


thanks, appreciate the advice


I was in the same boat and ultimately chose Carr over Tyrod.

True, Cooper and Crabtree are out, however, they could just lean heavy on Jared Cook (which the Giants have been terrible against TEs) and the pass catching backs. Janoris Jenkins was placed on IR yesterday if that helps your decision.