Tyrod or Goff ROS?

I’ve got Cousins as my usual starter, but…getting down to the “tells all” end of season and heading towards P/O’s…who would you rather have in case of injury or tough matchup weeks for Cousins? Tyrod or Goff? Just went 3-5…getting desperate here!!! Thanks my friends for any thoughts!!!

T-Rod would be my pick… but they don’t pass a whole lot.

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You think getting K. Benj is gonna change that much???

I think he could… Clay coming back, Matthews now there?

WHAT??? Clay is back??? Haven’t heard that. I had him and picked up ASJ when Clay went out. Which hasn’t been a bad thing. BUT…just like with E. Sanders (who I also still have)…just never know how productive they’re gonna be first couple of weeks back. And we don’t have many more “couple of weeks” to work with here at this point. LOL

No no… he’'s just trending back lol

Ah. OK. LOL…(breathe…breathe…)

Sorry to freak you out!!

LOL. Had me in a quandary there for a sec. I’ve also got Rudolph who’s suddenly making a showing. So I was thinking…DAMN…drop ASJ and try to grab Clay back, or make a decision over the three of them.

BUT…yeah…really pulling my hair out over Taylor or Goff ROS. Taylor’s still on the WW. Thinking I prob better jump on him quick. Thanks buddy!!!

A few of the top experts are saying that Taylor is the better start this week over Cousins!!!

If you have any shot at the playoffs then go with Tyrod, his match-ups during the playoffs are very favorable.

Hey can you take a look at my “quandary”

At this point I’m seriously doubting I’ll even get a whiff of the P/O’s @ 3-5…but…as I mentioned in another post here…in this crazy, whacky world of FFB…especially this year…who knows what could go down!!! But…both you and @NewtonINTolerant have suggested Taylor over Goff. So…P/O bound or not…TY my friends…at least at this point I think I’m Taylor bound!!! LOL

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I think even if Benjamin and Matthews don’t start getting it together Tyrod still has his legs to carry your team to relevance.

I think I’d prob have to drop Matthews and hold on to Hurns. Of course I’d say it depends on Fournette’s progress on returning. But…as I mentioned before…I’m always a little nervous of the first week of injury return!!!

Just checked and it looks like Fournette is back to full practice.

AND…just saw a report where they probably could have played him last week, but with it being INDY…figured they’d just give him another week. IDK buddy…sounds like he might be good to go this week!!! Good luck whatever you decide!!!

Hope that helps my friend. And TY for your thoughts on my situation!!!