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Tyrod or Jared Goff?


For week 4 I’m benching Derek Carr for someone else. I’m stuck between Tyrod Taylor who plays the Falcons, and Jered Goff who plays the Cowboys. Dallas has gotten a lot of sacks this year, they put some decent pressure. On the other hand buffalo’s main enemy is the lack of weapons to throw to. What do you recommend?


I should add that Taylor is already on my bench and Goff is on waivers


I mean, i feel Derek Carr wouldnt be a horrible play, even though i know he is going against the Broncos. If i had to choose between the two it would be Taylor. Goff might go off vs the Cowbows but i feel taylor will be safer plus you get his rushing yards which isnt the best but is something.


Bumping the thread


Curious about your decision cause I am facing a similar one between Goff and D Watson. Watson has the potential of rushing yards but I watched old man Palmer have a monster game against the Cowboys secondary and I can see that short drop and dunk to Gurley being a huge factor.