Tyrod or King Goffrey?!

Footclan! Should I be worried about Tyrod? Goff is on waivers, as well as Eli, Bortles, Rivers And Mariota. Do I need to grab a second QB to stream? If so, I’m not sure if I have anyone to drop!

QB: Tyrod (lost Rodgers mid year)

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Darkwa, Morris

WR: Mike Thomas, Jeffery, Adams, Parker, Hogan, Woods and Davis

TE: Doyle

I would drop Davis or woods, maybe hogan? I have tyrod and he is not giving me the confidance to make the playoffs or win the playoffs; even though his schedule is Premium. I would grab Geoff or Mariota for the entire playoffs. Goffs floor seems to be 15 points, I bleive he plays Seattle, that week play Tyrod or drop tyrod and pick up both.

I would try to package taylor with and rb/wr not including gordon, freeman, thomas or thompson… definitely dont drop woods and i would hold on to davis for now. You will get the best value trading up with Taylor

@awahl @kulplander thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, this league isn’t as active with trades… otherwise I would have already tried to acquire a better QB.

I did forget to mention that’s Cam Newton is available as well. Maybe pick up Cam and stream Tyrod this week? And if Tyrod doesn’t perform again, I can pick up Goff to replace Tyrod.

Either way, it puts me in a dilemma trying to find a player to drop.

As @awahl said…definitely don’t drop Woods…especially if it’s PPR!!!

Agreed. I want to keep woods. But I also want to pick up Cam (who is on Bye), so I’d have to keep Tyrod as well.

Who would you drop? I’m almost leaning either Hogan or Alf Morris.

IDK…I think if it was me I’d probably lean more towards holding onto Alfie. #1-he’s got the better matchups ROS…#2-Hogan’s significant shoulder injury kinda worries me. Especially with less than “piece of cake” matchups coming up. Just food for thought tho. At this point looks like Morris is more favorable for looks and targets than Rod, but with only one week in on Zeke’s susp. could be one to watch this next week or two.