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Tyrod or Mcown Rest of season?


I have Dak in a single qb league. Should I try and pick one of these guys up in case dak has a bad matchup or am I going to play him every week regardless? They both have nice remaining schedules including the playoffs.


Tyrod has great playoff matchups…That’s all the insight I have on this


tyrod taylor had consistently had a nice floor plus a nice occasional ceiling


I’m rolling out Dak every week but I thought the same thing about Deshaun Watson and the playoff schedule for Tyrod does look awesome so I picked him up.

Mccown is having a FF renaissance but his recent history from the past few years makes me think he’s going to get hurt soon so to me Tyrod’s the better pickup.

Thanks for the post @keaton_anchors!


I’d go with Tyrod, McCown is going to come back down or get hurt is my worry and if Zeke does get suspended Dak might become more of a matchup type guy. The pair of Dak and Tyrod should cover you