Tyrod or Wilson week 7

Watson on a bye. Do I go with Tyrod vsTB or Wilson @NYG?

After watching what the Giants did to denver this past week I would probably lean toward Tyrod even though he has no options to throw to.

I was thinking the same, but Trevor did have 376yds and a TD in that game. They were trailing and needed to throw most of the 2nd half, not sure that will be the case this week…

I would 100% play Wilson here. Russell is a far superior QB to Trevor Semian, so I don’t think it’s logical to assume Russell won’t do well because Trevor didn’t.

Actually I was saying the opposite. Trevor did put up some decent stats with close to 400yds passing and a TD.

Yah, I hear you and agree. That was more a comment based on what @Ghost228 said.

Yeah realized that after I replied :).

I like Taylor’s matchup much better obviously, esp after a bye and being at home. Just torn between him and Wilson who’s also coming off a bye.

Seahawks are taveling across the country to play too. This is something that has always played a factor in deciding matchups. If the Hawks were at home I would say wilson.

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I just worry about the lack of throwing options. It was bad to begin with but the loss of Charles Clay and the Jordan Matthews injury, it’s reached a new low.

Yeah, just hope the bad Wilson doesn’t show up. He had 2 outstanding games (both games they trailed in big) and he put up great numbers, the other 3 were bad. Less than 20 pts in a 6pt TD league, with .05 pts for every yard (which equates to 1 pt for every 20yds)