Tyrod vs cousins

Tyrod at the saints, or cousins at packers?

I feel like the saints will put up a lot of points and Tyrod will have to throw and run a lot. I dont know if the packers will be able to score enough on the Vikings d to make cousins have to pass a lot, but I like cousins receiving options better than tyrod. Tyrod could rush for like 60 yards and a td though. :man_shrugging:


I agree with your assessment on game flow. I am forced into streaming QB’s in one of my leagues and this week it is Tyrod, Mariota, or Keenum. Great choices huh. Anyway I am going with Tyrod based on the arhument you just made. I still believe it is only a matter of time before Coach Jackson wakes up and puts Mayfield in. He is the future and needs snaps and reps. They are kidding themselves if they think Tyrod can get them to the playoffs.

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