Ty'Son Williams Dynasty Trade

The Ty’Son Williams owner in one of my dynasty leagues (16 team PPR) is clearly trying to capitalise and get some draft capital for him right now. I do kinda believe the hype, but not sure how much is too much to give up. If I could get him for a 3rd, I’d definitely go for it, but he’s pushing for a 2nd, and doesn’t want to give anything back from that. That feels a lot, but Williams just has that (small) chance of being The Guy, and if he is, his price only goes up. Thoughts?

I dunno, I doubt if there will really be “a guy.” More likely there will be 3 or 4 guys, and I don’t see why everyone is so willing to drop their firstborn child for a chance to roster any piece of this dumpster fire of a backfield.

That said, I guess if you need an emergency swing for the fences at RB this season, a 2nd wouldn’t be crazy–but if you wouldn’t be starting him every week, then absolutely not. And he obviously has ZERO value after this season.

2nd seems steep, so I’d want to at least see the guy play in a game before making that sort of investment.