Tyson Williams or swift?

Would you start ty-son over swift?

Swift against the 49ers defence?!

I’m already playing from behind as I have zeke so wondering would the Williams against the raiders be a better option?! :thinking:

I would start Ty’Son unless the league is full PPR. I could see Williams getting the bulk of the work this first game with the other RBs just being added and might not know the playbook. Swift in full PPR could get a decent amount of garbage time catches.

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Last year the two teams who targeted their RBs the most were the Saints and the Chargers.

The assistant head coach for the Saints is now the head coach of the Lions.

The head coach of the Chargers is now the offensive coordinator of the Lions.

The Lions starting WRs are Tyrell Williams and Kalif Raymond.

And you’re thinking of benching Swift for a piece of the dumpster fire that is the Ravens’ backfield???

What DO they teach in these schools…?

Still smh…

I’m thinking of it because swift is facing the 49ers defence, which we all expect to be one of the best this year.

And because zeke had a poor week so I’m going for the risk/reward option.

Ravens are facing the raiders def who would not be as good as the 49ers.

Great, but you’d be starting a guy who was barely a JAG in college against them. He only gained 58 yards against Wofford, for Pete’s sake; you want to start him against an NFL defense?