UDK and Footclan

Is the ultimate draft kit worth it? I know it has all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, what I want are the rankings. Is this not the same thing that they will release free on their website closer to draft time? Also, I have become an avid listener this year. I find their rankings to be much better than ESPN, FantasyPros, etc. Is it worth it to become a #footclan member? I know $5 a month isn’t that big of a deal, but I thought I would hear what you guys have to say about it.

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as with every non-definitive answer, it depends :slight_smile:

IMHO their kit is very good for drafting but after that i do not go back to it much. the site rankings are more useful to me in-season. however, they do a good job of getting you prepped for your draft and it does help save time from pulling information from multiple different sources. I have some other places i like to still check, but it is nice having the draft prep in a single place. And TBH, it is the ultimate draft kit. you are not wrong for thinking in-season is better suited by being a part of the footclan proper. if i were to choose only one, i would go with the member over the UDK.

i hope this helps!

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It’s only $25 and it saves a lot of time because pretty much any information you could want about a player is in the draft kit. They have their breakdowns of their Value picks, Bust picks, etc, and you get access to their cheat sheet which makes draft day a lot easier, in my opinion. The WR breakdown is really helpful too. Helps to decipher between really good players and ones that are just in really good situations. Breaks down their success rates vs. different coverages and different routes run

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For me it was worth it. The UDK is broken down into Tiers and really helped me build a great foundation for my team last year. If anything its a good way to support the podcast. Its trully amazing what they put into the draft prep. I know there are some people that refuse to pay for content but I love using it at my live draft. Plus on the app you can mark who you like, who you dont want to draft. I use it as my one st op draft prep guide. Kinda like the old days with the old fantasy magazines

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If you have multiple redraft leagues, the UDK is a no brainier. If you become a FootClan member there is (was last year) a coupon code to reduce the cost further.

The UDK is not as useful for dynasty.

But if you were to do just one thing. I would be come a FootClan member to get access to:

  • FootClan forums
  • Weekly FootCast
  • Monthy FootClan Livestream (i think at the $10 level)
  • Inseason tool (new for 2019)

The Inseason tools were essential for me when setting a lineup and finding weekly streams at every position.

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