UDK combined list

Hey guys,
I just bought the UDK and in looking through it, I do not see a list of combined players that has the tier based rankings incorporated. I see the individual lists that do have the tiers. On draft day, I would prefer to have a single list to work off of instead of having to look across 5 different lists for the various positions to find and mark off players as they are drafted. Is there a tool in the UDK that facilitates this that I am missing?



Check out the cheatsheets…

Those have all the rankings in tiers all on one sheet they have ppr, 1/2 ppr and standard sheets.

Thanks for the response, and yeah I saw those. So, I am looking at the PPR scoring cheatsheet. It has a QB column, RB column, and so forth. In each of those, there is a #1 (A. Rodgers, L. Bell, etc.). With this format, who is the overall #1 and the overall #2 and so forth? To get that, I have to go to the top 200 consensus rankings which do not have the tiers. So I suppose I need to use the 2 sheets in conjunction and mark out players on both to get that cross-reference right? What I was hoping for was a draft tool that made this process simpler.

The Cheatsheets is one consensus list that is only one page i believe. You want to print that but you also want to print the ADP List IMHO

-Current ADP

Can someone tell me if the UDK’s custom auction calculator can factor in for points per carry? Thank you guys.