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UDK - Explain Tier Drafting Please


First time UDK owner, just found the footballers last year and love everything they do. I am attempting to understand the concept of tier trading because I agree that it sounds much better than using a top 200 list and just grabbing the top guy.

My main question, is how do the tiers compare to each other? I did a mock draft the other day, and felt a little lost around rounds 5 and 6.

How does a Tier 2 WR compare to a Tier 2 QB? Do you look at ADP? How do you know which round is a “good deal” for some of the better players?

This is my first year is a keeper league so a lot of things are new to me this year.

Thanks for any help!


Due to position scarcity, I would generally pick running back over any other position if the tiers are close. A tier 2 WR is much more valuable than a tier 2 QB, all QBs should be drafted in the double digit rounds of your fantasy draft. Could argue that tight end shouldn’t be drafted till that late as well. I personally refuse to draft any position other than RB and WR in the first 10 rounds, but thats just me.

I feel as though I can stream QBs all year long with waiver wire guys who have good matchups. Same with tight ends, plus I think this year TE is a little deeper than usual.

If you get to the middle rounds and are finding yourself struggling with the tiers and who to draft, my advice is to play it safe and try to trade the best available running back or wide out.


How I do tier drafting in snake drafts are…
Have 3 things on my draft table.

  1. tier rankings of each player in his respective categorie.
  2. TOP 200 or ADP of top 200 players
  3. Blank roster sheet with my leagues roster size… Example : 1Qb,2Rb, 3Wr, Te, Flex 6 bench spots.

As the draft is happening I cross players off both lists…

When I get to the 5th 6th round I look at what players are usually drafted there… You might see Sammy Watkins, golden tate, ameer abdullah, mark Ingram, Matt Ryan, jimmy graham.

I then look at my roster sheet and see a couple things.

Ok did I take a TE Like Gronk early? If so I can easily pass on jimmy…
Have I drafted a QB yet? If not I look at my rankings and see Matt Ryan is in the same tier as Russel Wilson… I look at Russel Wilson adp and see its late round 6… So in round 5 I can pass on Matt Ryan as ill get the same calibur QB as I can in round 6.
Am I thin on RB… If so i look at which RB is ranked highest in the tiers I have… I check his adp to make sure he is around round 5… And if so I take him.
Am I thin on WR… If so I take a look at my tier sheet and see that golden tate is ranked in tier 5 and Watkins in tier 6…so I def take tate here.

So there is really no way to compare a RB tier 2 to a WR tier 3…

You really need to keep an eye first and foremost what your roster needs and then secondly what ADP is as to not draft someone you can get in the 12th round and instead you take him in the 6th. Losing alot of value

Now that’s not saying you cant reach for a player you absolutely believe in…
If Kareem hunt is your guy and his adp is 8th round but your team looks good in the 6th… Then sure take the guy you love over someone who is just so so.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Good luck


This is exactly what I was asking and you helped out a great deal. Thank you!