UDK question for a casual player

So, first off, I don’t gamble (personal decision). So I don’t play in any paid leagues. But I do love me some fantasy football. Even though I just play for fun, I’d really like to destroy my friends and make them feel bad about themselves and their lives. I don’t mind spending a few bucks on something that will make playing more fun - so that’s basically my question - do you find drafting/playing MORE fun with the UDK, or do you find it only makes you a better fantasy player?


I am the kind of player who wants to know as much as possible to make myself as good a player as possible. I purchased the UDK this year after listening to the footballers for 2 years and I have not been disappointed yet. It will take me all summer to absorb all the info contained within. Highly recommended!!


Thank you! I may just go for it. The @ffballers should give you commission:D

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ffballers display help.

The UDK has become a necessity in my fantasy off season preparation. The amount of time and work the FFB put into this shows and after I get the UDK, I rarely use other lists and places for info. Every now and then I’ll look at other sites but the UDK has so much to offer!

Can anyone tell me if the UDK’s custom auction calculator can factor in points per carry? Thank you for your time guys and gals!