UDK question format

So I’ve been considering purchasing the UDK but the only way I could use or access it is on my iPhone. Is it smartphone friendly or better used on a tablet or computer?

excellent question. i just tested it, and it is worse than normal web browser, but surprisingly effective still. i would just suggest at draft time, finding a computer that can print to print of their teir based draft board. it can be a real life saver if you dont have your own board to go off of.

@BusterD What about the UDK is worse on mobile?

I was really happy with the mobile experience. Obviously a bigger screen is always better…

oh i guess i worded that weird, i dont mean functionality is worse, its just naturally worse cause your looking at a small screen compared to a bigger one, or multiple if your like me and have more than one monitor.

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Gotcha. Yes, I’m a dual monitor person as well.

@jaydeezy11 I would feel confident in the mobile interface. And I totally agree with @BusterD that you want a printed version of the cheat sheet while drafting. It’s nice to cross off names in order to make a pick quickly.

I believe you can still export the cheat sheets to Excel or was that just last year ?

2 years ago. I loved it because it allowed me to make my own changes. As far as I know the cheat sheets are only available in PDF format now. :frowning: