UDK question!

I used it last year, didn’t do so good. Coming back for another year. But my question is what is the proper way to use the UDK to get the most value out of it amd make me a winner next year. Thanks

just remember what even the ballers say, their word isnt the word of god. the UDK is just a tool to give you more information. you still have to make the choices yourself. so workshop how you are taking in the info to fit your play-style, and take your own rankings into account. and if you dont have your own rankings, make some.

me personally, the UDK is a draft tool. it gets me the start to a draft that would take days to get to. then i use it throughout the year to get ideas on players and to use those ideas as a jumping platform to make my own conclusions. it also tells me all the situations that you need to know to make close choices.

so honestly, there isnt just one way to use it. there are a TON. so find the way that works best for you. i promise you, once you find out what info you need to succeed, you will see how worth it the UDK is.

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