UDK Question?

Admins or anyone that’s gotten the Ultimate Draft Kit. I’m interested in buying the UDK this year but have a question. I did a redraft league this last year and lost in the championship, this year I’m also starting a dynasty. The dynasty is a 2 qb league. So my question is does the UDK have tiered sheets that will be helpful in a 2 qb dynasty startup draft as well as a standard redraft?

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I’m interested in knowing this as well.

Also, does The UDK has any considerations towards dynasty startup auction drafts with more than one copy of each player?

Last year neither 2 QB or dynasty startup (rookie rankings were on there) but it is entirely possible that this year they will be featured (dynasty more likely than 2 QB)

I don’t think this years UDK will have any Dynasty ranks.

When will the UDK be released? I just ordered mine.

June 1st. With early access to the rookies.

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I had the UDK last year and also have pre-ordered it this year. Last year they only had tiered rankings for Standard, Half PPR and PPR. This year they have said that there will be more added to the UDK but have given no specifics, it is possible but if 2QB and Dynasty is all you’re interested in I would wait until more information is given.