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UDK question


New here to the forum so please forgive me if this isn’t the correct place to post this question…Does anyone know if you can adjust the values in the Ultimate Draft Kit to reflect my live auction draft league??? Also has anyone used the UDK ? And if so what are your thoughts?


No, u can’t. Think of it more like a draft prep tool. I think what you are looking for it something like Rotowire Draft Kit '17. I used it last year and this. U can customize every part of it, and it will adjust the rankings accordingly. Very useful tool to use during your drafts. You can also save multiple different settings for all of your different drafts.


they have a new app tho which allows you to take players off the board and stuff. Not sure if thats exactly what youre looking for


Ok thanks for the info I used roto draft kit last year as well so I will just go with that
Thanks for the response