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UDK Tier Based Drafting for WR and RB in PPR


What would your strategy be if it was your pick and both of the highest rated player for both the rb and wr are available on the board , for tier 3 for example on the udk, who would you take? And what would your strategy be for the rest of the draft if that were to happen again during the draft where you have an rb and a wr that are evenly ranked in the same tiers? Thank You and God Bless You And Your Families


Since it is a ppr, you should take the WR if equal rank in WR and RB. This should yield more WR points than RB points. My strategy ( for the remaining draft position) is to choose the WR if equal RB rank is available. My only exception would be if (example) tier 3 has one RB left but tier 3 for WR has several left. I would take the remaining tier three RB first. I have found it useful to monitor who the other managers are drafting. You can then determine if a position ruins about to start.


Thank you, really appreciate it