UDK Tier Help

Yo yo yo FootClan looking for advice on the UDK second year buyer. How do you guys draft ADP vs the tiers? Main example I’m trying to justify is players like Mixon, Waller, etc who are high on the Ballers tier list but have lower ADP’s. Are you trying to grab these players early or waiting around the ADP? Thanks for the help.

I would tend to focus more on adp or if possible your knowledge of what your league mates are likely to do. If you know a guy after you always targets premium tight end or is a total believer in Mixon then I would adjust with that in mind.

It’s very satisfying by tactically selecting a guy you value less and being able to get your guy as well. But individual league knowledge is invaluable to allow you to guage where you can wait and where you need to either get the guy or live with letting him slip.

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Following also a second year buyer and feel I need to learn to use it better.