Ugh CMC... whyy

Was feeling invincible with my team but losing CMC the rest of the year is just rough.

Just a shame such a wasted talent with all the injuries

Kamara, Mixon
Adams, Keenan

Javonte, Thilen, AB, Dhernest, CMC (IR)

Waivers are obviously really thin so hopefully that line up still has enough juice to take on the other top teams

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I feel you. I Traded for CMC in one league and drafted CMC after he dropped a bit in the other.

My 7 team league team is hurting, as I would (when healthy) would put him in my flex, but not that’s gone😭

It’s really tough because I believe in CMC, but he is getting crushed by injury.

Chin up! You got this!

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As you likely know - name don’t win championships.

If your trade deadline has not passed, I’d be shopping Alvin Kamara, AB, and Diontae Johnson. Don’t sell low. But you have a window with so many RBs and Deebo going down in week 12.

Don’t sit back. Pounce!


our deadline is friday so i can make a move still here but im just not sure what to target.

Ive made a few trades this year.
Mitchell for Theilen
CMC for D. Harris and Renfrow (crazy I got that trade)
Adams and Javontae williams for Patterson and Clyde

If i want I could probably trade Keenan Allen for like a Jacobs or get Mitchell back.
That owner has been asking about Allen all year but would that benefit me?

What other mid level rbs do you like. Monty? Gibson? I think im spending like 60% of my remaining faab to go after Jaamal williams