Ugh.. I hate my draft spot

10 team .5ppr QB/2 RB/2 WR/TE/Flex/D/ST/K
…I got 5th…
To me its like the worst draft spot. You miss out on CMC, Dalvin, Kamara and Henry and you either have to go early on Kelce, Hill or Adams or take your shot on Zeke JT or Saquon(not on my draft board FYI)

If you’re at 5th, who are you taking?

Personally in half PPR I’m grabbing Chubb in the first and CEH or Harris in the 2nd and Dmont or swift in the 3rd.

I’m taking Zeke here. And I feel really good about it. If I can come away first two rounds zeke and nuk I am absolutely thrilled at my start. But zeke and whatever leaves me feeling I have a shot.

In 10 team I feel confident even with zeke to start I can still team him with at least two of chubb, Montgomery, hopkins and that leaves me super satisfied.


I’m taking Chubb there. I’m out on Zeke. I’ve had a lot of success throughout the years bailing on aging RB’s when I see signs of decline. RB’s don’t have a long shelf life, it’s a young man’s game, and the way I look at if I’m wrong, fine, I’d rather bail out a year before a massive decline and maybe miss out having a little better RB than the one I drafted, but one that was still productive, rather than be all in the year the bottom drops out and waste a 1st rounder entirely.

I personally like the middle of drafts as not many picks happen before you get to pick again.

I am in the Zeke/Chubb camp here.

Most people quickly forget that Zeke was the RB3 before Dak got injured and the O-Line fell apart (DAL O-Line only had 1 starter play all season). I believe Zeke is going to have a bounce back year

Chubb ended up as a low end RB1 playing in only 12 games last year. Imho, Henry and Chubb are the 2 RBs with little passing work I would consider drafting in all scoring formats.

If I’m you I’m absolutely taking Davante Adams there, and I’m thrilled about it. Rodgers is going to sling him the rock this year without a care in the world and there’s no threat to his volume. There’s a chance guys like Mixon and Ekeler will be there for you in the 2nd round, but if not you’ll still have Antonio Gibson or CEH to look forward to. The opportunity cost of you passing up Zeke/JT/Saquon for Adams+any of the RBs I mentioned is not that high, in my opinion.

I have definitely put some thought into Adams but the one mock I did with drafting him was probably the worst team I made. There’s just such good WR value in the 4-6 round range that it’s very tough to not go 3 RB or 2 RB and 1 top 3 TE

I forgot to mention I am crossing all my fingers that the guy at 4(who is a HUGE Giants fan) takes Saquon and I can take Henry or Kamara…but it’s very wishful thinking lol