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Ugly flex start


Should I start Aaron Jones or pickup someone off waivers?
My top 3 options:
Sterling Shepard vs Chargers
Tyrell Williams @ Giants
Jaron Brown @ Eagles


if Ty is out, whch its souding like id do jones

otherwise I like Jaron Ceiling


Agree w/ @vcatalano, as long as Montgomery is out play Jones. Otherwise I like Jaron Brown


I’m just worried that Jamaal Williams will get most of the touches


I think it’ll be more like 50/50 but if I was going to pick one to get more touches I would lean Jones. Williams is dealing with a knee injury, he says he’s fine but still may not be 100%. But also Jones is the better pass catcher of the two. If they fall behind I think it’ll definitely be more Jones than Williams


Ok I’ll trust ya. Thanks


Is it PPR scoring?


Yeah .5 ppr


Follow up on this. Jones worked as the first team running back in practice this week so that should make you feel better.