Ugly QB Stream

I have Rodgers if he plays this doesn’t matter but off chance that he doesn’t my options are not so exciting…

Big Ben v Det
Brissett v Bal
Heinicke v TB
Siemian v @Ten
Mac Jones…
Mike White…

Wow. That’s a rogues gallery of rotten choices. I’ll go Mac but I don’t expect anybody to like doing this.

Heineke second choice and it terrifies me. But Washington probably need to air it out due to being behind and Tampa being notoriously difficult to run on.

Right… really need Rodgers to get cleared…
I was leaning Big Ben even though hes terrible the Detroit Secondary is just awful
Heinicke is the second in my head with TB gonna be ahead and needing to throw

Mac Jones is a scary thought… cleveland has a decent Defense they just dont throw the ball enough for me to wanna trust that

Cleveland have a good defense for sure. But I think New England have done well in making sure he isn’t necessarily needing to carry them to wins. But I think if the main RB’s miss out he should get points on volume as I’m not sure they’ll lean on bolden and jj Taylor too much. (I say thinking i have any idea what bill is thinking)

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