UK based GM looking to join a Dynasty League!

Hi guys.

I’m a UK based Fantasy Footballer looking to join a Dyansty league.

Open to a buy in but not extortionate amounts (up to £25-50 or so).

Happy to take on an orphan team or fill a spot in a new league if necessary.

I’ve been playing for 8 years, very active in chats, making & receiving trades, always open to offers (every player has their price!) and just love fantasy football.

Have won 1 championship and been to 4 fantasy Super Bowls too (aswell as a couple of loser bowls!)

Open to most formats and learning some new ones too.

My sleeper name is AndyHoment

Feel free to get in touch!

Hey buddy. I just joined a dynasty league. Check out "Wilderness league " on sleeper. Gopher26 is the commish if you want to send him a message on sleeper app.

Hi! Sent you an invite. Bylaws are pinned. I can answer any questions you have. I actually have commissioned fantasy premier leagues with owners from the US, UK, and Australia, so I have experience in running a league with different time zones.
Edit: I’m the Commish of the Wilderness League

Thanks man.

What’s the league rules in a nutshell…?

And is there a buy in…? I’ve been furloughed so don’t have money to burn at the moment.


Entry would be $50 per season. First two seasons paid before startup. So £73 to cover 2021 and 2022.

Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 WR/TE Flex, and 1 RB/WR/TE Flex. 16 bench. 3 IR. 5 Taxi Squad for rookies and second year players. No Defense or Kickers.

Scoring: RBs are 0.5 PPR, WRs are Full PPR, and TEs are 1.5 PPR. QB scoring makes it crucial to have an elite player. Streaming will make it difficult to win.

Format: 2 Conferences with 6 teams each. You play conference opponents twice a year. And 4 out of conference games.

Playoffs: 6 teams. Top 3 teams from each conference qualify. Reseed each round of the playoffs.

Waivers: Free agents during offseason. FAAB during regular season/playoffs.

Rookie Draft: 4 Rounds. NBA style lottery determines top 6 picks.

Veteran slow style startup is tentatively scheduled to begin May 16th. Rookie draft after.

If that interests you, I can send the invite again. But no worries if it doesn’t.

Ok cool

Are you finding people still to fill the league…? And will it be filled with a mixture of people you know/don’t know…?

The league will be filled with mostly people from this forum and then Sleeper. I have some friends that may join. And we’ve 8 spots open. Want to take our time with recruiting members, so we add quality owners.

Ok cool.

Feel free to send the invite. Will you be taking fees nearer the time when the league is full…?