UK player looking to join some leagues

Hi guys

I am a fairly experienced UK based player looking to join some leagues for the upcoming season.

Preferably free or moderate buy ins only. Would also be happy to join american based leagues depending on draft dates and times etc.

Not too fussed what the format is just want a competitive and friendly leagues!

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Hi Jack, I’ve set up a new league with my brother and we’re looking for members. We’re also from the UK.

It’s 10-team, PPR, 2 keepers. Let me know if you’re interested!


I would definitely be interested in that if you want to send me the link to join

Great! Here’s the details. Once we’ve filled the league we’ll work out a way for everyone to chat and set the draft order!

Join Here:
League ID: 7883702
League Password: theleague2019

You still looking for players?

Yes! Here are the details to join the league:

Join Here:
League ID: 7883702
League Password: theleague2019

Just joined, looking forward to the new season!

Great! Hopefully we’ll have the league filled soon.

Have you got an email I can contact? Once the league is set up I’ll get in touch with everyone.

Yeah you can get me at

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Any spaces still in this league? UK based as well

Hi @freddieboston, UK player here, already have a league of record but looking to join a couple more. You can hit me up at my username @ gmail

Hi guys. Also from the UK. I am in the process of setting up a Dynasty league. I currently have 8 guys dedicated and ready to rock. From the US and the UK. People who I have met on sleeper who I trust to put the effort in. Looking for a few more if you are interested?!
Drafting 18:00 (UK) on Sat 31/8
We even have a guy from Hawaii! 10 hours behind for him so he’ll be drafting in bed.
I’m 31. Love the game. Love fantasy!

I’d definitely be up for that if you want to send me the details when it’s set up.

Can you do the draft on Sat 31st?
18:00 (UK) 12:00 (CT)
Ask your other members if they are interested too. All welcome. But only dedicated players!