Ultimate Draft Kit Help

So i purchased the UDK again after winning last year thanks to the ballers. Was wondering if there was a way to convert the cheat sheets into a different format were i can slightly edit the rankings on it without having to completely re enter the list. May be an obvious answer i just don’t know. On a Mac if that matters by the way, Thanks!

I very much doubt it.

Export to excel maybe? Haven’t tried it myself.

Unfortunately not. You’re just going to have to go ahead and input that badboy into excel. Doesn’t take too long though, go through similar exercise myself.

Yes… @willferguson
Download the cheatsheets in PDF form. Which is what they come in…
Then use a PDF to excel converter… There are a couple… Just Google “free pdf converter”. It doesn’t convert it 100 percent like you see it but it’s all in the correct order and in columns so you can easily cut and paste in a new excel sheet for customized cheat sheets

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