Ultimate Draft Kit Q

Not sure where to post this but does anyone know if the TFF UDK has Dynasty rankings and tiers?

Thanks in advance!

It does not contain dynasty ranks. However I think it can still be very useful to a dynasty players.

It does contain the FFB rookie ranks. Pus the Reception Perception (RP) articles and data for rookies is extremely valuable. One thing that Harmon has found is that if that a rookie plays all over the field in college, they typically have an easier transition into the NFL. Equally if a rookie, for example, lines up left 96% of the time and spends only 4% between slot and the right side, they have a more difficult time transitioning. If you look at an NFL vet WR, they are closer to evenly split as they line up all over the field. Or at least spending 10-15% in the areas they don’t focus on. That is just a tiny example.

I really like the RP articles for vets too. The top 50 WRs have been broken down.

And if you are not familiar with the consistency charts, well they are amazing to see the history breakdown both in yearly and weekly terms.

Finally I use the UDK, the FFB ranks, and all the other data to win NOW. That’s the big secret, SHHHHHHH! Redraft info can be used by dynasty players in the short term.

I.E. go get Larry Fitz because he’s expected to have a big 2018 and should be cheap, in dynasty.

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No dynasty rankings or Tiers but like he said above, the redraft tier is still applicable for Dynasty. You can just make some minor tweaks here and there for age where changes in the higher tiers definitely won’t be as drastic either.

And the reception perception write ups are my favorite part of UDK. Such valuable insight and I think it has the right approach in trying to see who can translate into the NFL vs those who can’t. Like the Courtland Sutton write-up was spot on, written before the draft and look at exactly where he landed.