Ultimate Draft Kit Results!

This is the first year that I will be using the ultimate draft kit. I think the tiered Rankings is an awesome feature that I could see myself using. Did using this kit really help you out in your league? Did you win you leagues last year?

Drafting with tiers, as seen in the UDK and as described on the show, was a crucial step in helping me become a better drafter.

If you haven’t performed this before, I suggest you to a couple mock drafts to get the reps. My preference is to print the sheet and strike off names as they are drafted. It really highlights which tiers have guys available and which do not. When your on the clock or as your pick nears, you can evaluate the tiers where players are available and be ready to make your pick.

Happy to help if you have anymore tier based drafting Qs. I’m sure the rest of the FootClan is too!

any help with UDK would be welcomed, this is the first year that I will be using also