Ultimate Draft Kit Tip (UDK)

I see that the full UDK will release on June 1 but the Rookie and Dynasty rankings will be released after the NFL Draft. This is my first year buying the UDK so I was hoping to get a little guidance.

I am having a startup Dynasty draft, should I wait until after June 1 for the full UDK or will I have all I need from the rookie & dynasty rankings?

We’ll be releasing the dynasty and rookie rankings next week so in that regard you should have all you need. In terms of drafting, the later you can wait the better as this lets you see how guys are doing in the pre-season. Injuries happen, certain guys rise and others fall during training camp and pre-season games so rankings tend to be the most accurate closer to the start of the season.


Some of the consistency charts data and Reception Perception articles within the UDK have hugely influenced the players I’ve drafted and traded away/for over the past 3 years.

@PapaJosh Are the dynasty ranks, released in the UDK, provided with or without tiers?

Due to how tiers work, it’s hard to account for the affect age and other factors have when it comes to dynasty rankings so they are not tier based. That said I personally still compare a player in dynasty to where they rank in the redraft tiers as sort of a guideline when choosing between two like players.

Agreed. Thanks again.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the advice.