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Ultimate Draft Kit


Hey guys.

Had a question for those of you that have the UDK. Is it seriously worth it? I want to pull the trigger on it because it looks like it is helpful. Just wanted to know if it truly does help you. More then likely going to buy it, just want to be persuaded more.



1000000%, i truly trust the consensus rankings and theres so much information on there. $30 cant beat it. ive looked around at others and nothing comes close


I bought it!


It’s extremely informative. My favorite sections are the Reception Perception and the Consistency Percentages. Really helps to make sure I have a balanced roster when I draft with little risk. I really advise you pick it up. Although the guys hype it up A LOT (to the point where I skip those parts of the podcast lol) I understand why they talk about it so much. It’s well worth the $30!!!


It is much better than anything I have evaluated in the past. Extremely helpful with evaluation between WR and RB when drafting and little time to decide.