Ultimate dynasty start up league

I am looking to start an intense 16 team dynasty startup. Do you find yourself talking fantasy in February, March & April and the rest of your leagues mates tell you to cool it lol? I’m looking for the most intense fantasy lovers who want to create a really fun league.

Details below:

Platform: Sleeper
League: Dynasty
Teams: 16 Teams
Roster: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX 10 Bench Spots

Receiving Yards: .1 point per yard
Reception: 0.5
Receiving First Down: 0.5
Receiving TD: 6
2-Pt Conversion: 2

Rushing Yards: .1 point per yard
Rushing TD: 6
2-Pt Conversion: 2

1 point every 25 yards (0.04 per yard)
Passing TD: 4
2-Pt Conversion: 2
Pass Intercepted: -2
Pick 6 Thrown: -4

Fumble Lost -2

100-199 Yard Rushing Game: 2
200+ Yard Rushing Game: 4
100-199 Yard Receiving Game: 2
200+ Yard Receiving Game: 4
300-399 Yard Passing Game: 1
400+ Yard Passing Game: 2
100-199 Combined Rush + Rec Yards: 2
200+ Combined Rush + Rec Yards: 2

Week to Week Matchup

BUY IN: We can vote on this when the league fills, but my suggestion is:
$5/loss… this is a great way to have everyone invested every week. Say you go 6-10, you put $50 into the pot at the end of the year. Then the payouts would go

1st place gets 65% of the pot
2nd place gets 25% of the pot
3rd place gets 10% of the pot

If interested either drop your Sleeper name in the comments or reach out to me in the app. My username is justinsykes3.

Looks like you missed points for Passing First Downs?

That was a typo, there aren’t points for passing first downs… just .5 point for receiving first downs. Any interest in joining @MKlossing?

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Hey, im interested in joining. My sleeper is ChHunter

Invite Sent!

Hey let me get some of that Action ! Username on sleeper is maxjocelyn !

Invite sent! Excited to have you Max

Still need people? phil1154 is my sleeper ID

Would love to join Drzzz is my sleeper name.

Invite sent!

invite sent!

Im in jakesedwards10

Still looking for people? I would love to join if possible. Sleeper id is AmuseBouche and email is ian.baroldy@gmail.com

Still looking for owners?? My ID is Schmidtee.


Interested. Sleeper name ccshmucko

Would love to join! @justinsykes3
Send invite to @ddaniel23

I’m interested if you still have spots.
Sportykj on sleeper.

I am interested. Verby30 is my sleeper.

I’m interested, ral523580 on sleeper