Unbelievable....just un-flipping-beleivable!

Between my starters and my bench, scored 247 pts this week. Unfortunately…my bench won!!! SMH

Full PPR


Taylor - 2 pts
McCoy - 8 pts
Kamara- 25 pts
Thielen - 30 pts
R Anderson - 18 pts
ASJ - 12 pts
McKinnon - 6 pts
PIT - 11 pts
Succop - 5 pts


Cousins - 29 pts
E Sanders - 19 pts
Rudolph - 8 pts
Duke - 14 pts
Ju Ju - 20 pts
R Woods - 40 pts
Agholor - BYE

LOL…I need to hire a Manager for my team. I do great as an Owner in picking up great players. Just never seem to start the right ones on the right weeks. GEEZ!!!

Sometimes when your bench is deep it’s hard to know who to play…

Yeah. But what’s killing me right now is I came THIS close to playing R Woods over Anderson!!! UGH!!!

Did you lose?

LOL…yep. My starters made 117 pts. My opponent’s made 140.