Uncommon keeper situation - help

We have a different way of selecting keepers than most but here are the nuts and bolts.

Can keep up to 2, full ppr:

Davante Adams 3rd
Kerryon Johnson 8th
Marlon Mack 8th
Kenny Golladay 12th

Thanks for the help! For what it’s worth, I’m leaning Adams/Mack.

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Adams and Mack 100%


It’d be Adams and Johnson for me, but Mack is also an excellent choice

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I’m a die hard Lions fan so it’s really tough for me to get over that hurdle, but I’d rather have the RB1 for the Colts with limited passing opportunity (Hines I think will catch 2-3x more balls than Mack) than the RB1 for a worse team who has indicated he doesn’t want to be a bell cow back and the coaching staff have continued to reiterate his reps would be lower to prevent future injuries. I’ll probably reach for Kerryon anyway because like all Lions fans, I’m a sucker.

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Right now, in dynasty, Kerryon is the more valuable back.

FYI…The Ballers ranks: