Unconventional Draft Question

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I wanted to get the Foot Clans take on it. I am currently in a re-draft 10 person .5 PPR league and this season I got trade happy with my draft picks. I currently hold the 1.5, 1.10, and 2.1 picks. As a result my I traded away my third, fourth, and fifth round picks. My next pick comes in at 6.1. With this unconventional draft picks who would you target in the first three picks? Who would you target in the later rounds? Zero-RB strategy? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Tough call I think but at 5 I would hope and pray for Zeke and at 10 I would pray for Gordon. If you somehow got those 2 then you pretty much don’t have to worry about RB all year long which would be nice. If not I would go Zeke and some combo of OBJ, Hopkins, and Julio. OBJ being my fav of the group.

Yes with that first pick I’d be sure to lock up one of the stud RBs. Hope either a Johnson or Elliott falls to you, if not grab the next best option at RB. Then with those back to back picks get another RB and stud WR. That’s how I would approach it.

Awesome thanks guys for the help!

It’s a very risky proposition to go Zero RB approach here and I am probably the biggest cheerleader for that draft style. Mainly because not having a pick till the 6th may be a bit too late. When I go zero RB, I like to grab a lamar miller as my RB1 and he might not make it to the 6th. Even though you could definitely end up with AB/OBJ/Hopkins as your first 3 picks which is an absolutely lethal combination, you are going to be starving as a lot of those high upside RB guys I like to grab will be gone by the time it gets to you. Your RB1 might end up being like Kerryon or Burkhead which isn’t comforting.

If you’re picking 1.05, I would probably lean towards taking Barkley, and then grabbing 2 WRs with your 1.10/2.1. Barkley + Hopkins + JJ/MT is a pretty lethal open