Unconventional Draft Strategy--Brilliant or Bound to Fail?

In season long leagues it’s clear that there are three top-tier tight ends to pick in the first 3 rounds (Kelce, Kittle, Ertz in whatever order you want). After them, there isn’t even really a second tier anymore, it’s just a handful of somewhat uninspiring guys that’ll go way later in the draft.

I can’t say this is my original idea, but what if you used your 2nd AND 3rd round picks to get both Kelce and Kittle/Ertz? You’d be passing on some solid WR2/RB2s, but the general idea is that you could trade one for a kings ransom in a few weeks once other players understand that having guys like Cam Brate and Jesse James in their starting lineups is actually bad and they want to die.

Is this a good idea? Would this work as well as I think it might? Or would it be smarter to just use a third rounder on a back or receiver?

I’m probably too much of a coward to actually try this in my league, but it’s an interesting idea to think about

That will probably backfire on you. You could definitely trade one away but, a kings bounty is not guaranteed.

I expect Ebron Cook Henry Njuko Howard Engram Hooper and Herdon to be a solid tier two. I dont expect 2019 to be an exact copy of 2018. If it were an exact repeat then yeah I like your plan, the scarcity of of good TEs was insane.

I would say it will fail. Whilst you will control two of the elite TE teams will recognise that you have an obvious weakness too so you won’t have the leverage you’d like. And they might be content to stream if they’re stacked elsewhere

It will fail Because if you’re in a 10 man league then 7 other ppl have weak tight ends. You can’t really get what you really want for am elite te. Someone would have to have a stacked team and then you would make them too strong by giving them the one thing they don’t have which is an elite TE