Undecided on this trade

I have an offer but I’m having a hard time with the decision. I’m being offered Packers D and Joe Mixon for DeAndre Hopkins. My Rb’s are Freeman, Fournette, Montgomery and Stewart. And WR’s are Hopkins, Fitzgerald, JJ Nelson, Kupp, Parker and Diggs. 10 team standard. Any suggestions?

I would not do it.

I think you should keep your #1 receiver in Hopkins since you already have 3 startable RBs

If you really want mixon I’d see if he’d bite on a freeman kuup trade I def wouldn’t trade Hopkins with the targets he’s getting plus he’s in a week secondary division. I’m stuck also on a trade I sent tyreek hill, buck Allen, for Abdullah, kamara. Which leaves me short on wr.

No, don’t do it. If you want to make a deal, put a package together for a top tier player. Right now you have 6 start worthy players (Freeman/Fournette/Ty/Hopkins/Fitz/Diggs) and only 5 spots to play them. Maybe something like Ty & Fitz could get you a Julio from a panicked owner.

Thanks guys this really helps.

Funny thing @nickk843 the guy that wants to trade me Nixon and Packers has julio and wants to get rid of him. Who should I offer for Julio and mixon?

I’d try Montgomery and Parker

If he wants to get rid of him maybe he’d go straight up for Fournette? If not, maybe throw in Fitz.