Undefeated Footclan Champs, Sound Off!

Managed to get two titles this season, but the undefeated one feels amazing. Who else got it that good this year?


not me :cry: but congrats bro! That’s awesome.

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That is awesome! I doubt I’ll ever go undefeated. Heck, I doubt I’ll ever get the top seed or win the scoring title. That is really an accomplishment! Congrats!

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I had one team go undefeated before losing last week in the championship. I think the biggest thing was luck and avoiding draft busts. Worst draft pick was Josh Gordon. Team core was Zeke, C.Newton, Kelce. Streaming DST’s. Picked up Greg Z. when he was dropped on the bye. Made two trades all season. Traded Conner away to get McCaffrey midseason and traded AP away to get Hilton later in the year.

My closest win was by 2 points. It was the week my opponent started Crosby at kicker who went on to miss something like 6 kicks.

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