Underdog PPR Flex

Hey Guys,

For my two PPR flex spots in the finals, should I start Sutton, Moore, Tate, Dixon, or Godwin?

I am projected to lose by 8 so I really need to nail this unfortunate situation.

8 point projected underdog isn’t too bad really…if I had to choose I’d probably go with Dixon and Sutton, Tate a close third.
What do your and your opponent’s line ups look like?

I have:
QB Rodgers/ Prescott
RB J. Williams
WR Adams
WR Lockett
WR ?
TE Kittle
FL Ware/ Williams

He has:
QB Big Ben
RB Cook
RB Henry
WR Hopkins
WR Woods
WR Gordon
TE Ebron
FL Ballage
FL Coleman

Personally, I believe the matchup favors him by 15-20 pts but yahoo only say 8.

Since you’re in a PPR, Dixon could actually end up being a nice play…he actually played more snaps than Gus Bus last week.
For WR I’d say you could use the TD upside with Sutton…
Good luck…anything can happen! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself as a huge underdog in the finals as well).