Underperforming teams?

Getting ready to continue a 3 game losing streak with what FantasyPros lists as the 2nd strongest team in my league:

Dak, Julio/Crabtree/D. Parker/E. Sanders, Hunt/Murray/Burkhead/Woodhead, Hooper/Doyle/Reed, Prater, Baltimore DST.

Anyone else have what should be a solid team that isn’t performing?? I’m sure I’m not alone here

Yes sir. Happens to us all if you play fantasy long enough.


Yep fantasy isn’t much fun when ya got a killer team and lose to a terrible team-some people I know think they know so much about fantasy and know nothing but still win-it ridiculous-I’m ready for week 12 already-PEACE OUT!!!

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I am in the same position but have been playing long enough to TRY and remember to learn from any mistakes I made along the way. If you were like me, weeks 3, 4 and 5, I was turning down Hunt trades like crazy. Ridiculous trades. And week in and out I kept thinking…“this is the week he gets back on track”. Now potentially loosing out on the playoffs, I am remembering those trades and the valuable lesson of “don’t get emotional about a player.” You have a good list of names on your team, could you have turned that in to better performing players? No judgement here, only feeling the same pain!

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Oh boy. Yeah…I can definitely attest to being a top contender in this category.

Got: Cousins/Tyrod
Shady, Kamara, McKinnon, Duke
Thielen, Ju Ju, E Sanders, R Anderson, R Woods
ASJ, Rudolph

Problem is…if I SIT somebody due to Matchup they go crazy. If I play them due to Matchup they choke. Did great this week tho…except for sitting PIT and streaming ARZ. SMH

10 Team PPR
just went 5-6 this week. BUT…at least I beat the 1st place owner this week!!! LOL

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I have Wentz, Brown, Julio, Bell, Hunt, Gronk, Eagles DST, McCaffrey, Freeman, Mixon, Sanders, Woodhead, 6-4… finally got another win this week but in 3rd place and underperforming every week.

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Dadgummit!!! Unbelievable how this season’s been huh??? I might make it to tie for 4th or 5th place this week. Next week…LOL…that could all change. Made it to the projected Play Off Bracket twice this year, then the following week…NOPE!!!