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Underrated and underdrafted


Who do you think are the most underrated RBs and WRs who are going to be playing this year?


I’ll keep it to one each.

RB - Isiah Crowell. 952 yards with under 200 carries, plus 7 TDs and 40 catches for another 312 yards. Crazy good stats, add in a beefed up o-line and a coach that likes to run, he good. he very good.

WR - Stefon Diggs. 84 for 903 and 3 TDs last year. He has the most accurate NFL passer in history throwing him the ball (hahaha), who is a year more mature with the offense and will actually have a full pre-season.


I’m actually going to throw out the other WR in Minnesota, Adam Thielen. Almost 1000 yards 5 TDs and an ADP almost in the 12th round.


Good call on that too. Could be Diggs or Thielen.


Enunwa and Hurns are both practically free right now and SHOULD be at least respectable. Nice pieces that’ll free you up early.


Im saying bilal powell. Look at what he did last year on a BAD jets team for the last 4 games. He ran the ball a little more than 80 times, for a little more than 400 yards with 2 tds. Then he caught over 20 balls for about 150 yards and a td. That is a pace of 1600 yards in a season, for 8 tds, 80 receptions for 600 yards and 4 tds. Im not saying he will hit those numbers, but that tells me he can hit 1000 yards rushing, for 60 receptions for 500 yards and who knows how many tds cause well, the jets. For a late round guy even if those numbers are lower (which again… jets so probably) that is good stuff to have.


I heard an interesting stat on CBS podcast Thursday.

I believe Aizer said there has never been more than 4 players who finish in top 25 WR’s from a bottom 10 team.


It’s funny. I don’t disagree (I love THE CROW; had him on all three of my teams last season!)… but at the same time, I worry that the Crowell Hype Train :train: is everywhere right now!

I’d love for him to have a great season – and I think he could have a very good one – but my bet (and fear) is he ain’t gonna be cheap. The Footballers have him at #25 overall in the UDK!! That’s 3.01… so reaching to make sure we get him means he’s the 2nd player we’d be drafting! …And he’s still on the Browns! :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno. The Crow is a mystery to me at the moment. At his current ADP/rank, it’ll be hard for him to exceed his cost, even though he has a solid chance to be a reliable RB in 2017. But at the same time, that high cost (and the typical woes of being in Cleveland) means he’s at the very same time a bust candidate! :cold_sweat:


I share your opinion sir, the hype train is just so loud for the Crow lately. Seems that the price is too highly unfair taking into considerations that even with all that improvements, that team is still the browns…


RB’s samaje perine, Kareem hunt, latavis Murray,deandre Washington- WR juju smith, sterling shepard, cooper cup, Ryan Switzer, cole Beasley, josh doctson, Jamison crowder, Chris hogan, Cordelle Patterson with OAK!!


To piggy back off of your Enunwa reccomendation–if Decker is released, I think ArDarius Stewart will be in play for at least flex consideration some weeks. I especially like him in Dynasty rookie drafts going somewhere in the late 3rd, early 4th.