Understanding Footballers' Weekly Rankings

Having a really hard time with all the BS account linking this site requires and looks like no one is really using the FootClan forums - I thought part of the point of the footclan was to get quality responses on forum questions?

Anyway, I see the footclan comes with “premium projections”. When I go to projections today, it does not give any indication as to when they were last updated. Christian Mc. is the #1 projected RB currently and when I click the associated podcast clip, it’s from a week 1 review podcast. Are these week 2 rankings or week 3? Can the footballers please put a notice up saying when these were updated last?

Im not sure about the premium side of things but the standard rankings will typically have the week they’re for at the top of the page in big letters.
As for the videos, I noticed that too that the clips aren’t always up to date, Im not sure if that’s an automated system or if someone goes through and links the clips to the players but those are not clips for the current week necessarily is what I’ve learned just that the player was mentioned somewhat in depth. Just what I’ve noticed up since they added the video clips link

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